Android 8, 9, &10: Downloading and restoring SkyBell notification sounds to SkyBell HD app.


If you are receiving a default Android text message notification when pressing your SkyBell button or receiving motion alerts, (using your Android phone) download the SkyBell notification sound files at the bottom of this article and follow the steps below. 


Here is how to apply these sounds within your Android device:

  1. Download a file manager app from the Play Store. File managers let you browse and edit your device's storage folders and directories. You can browse the Tools category on the Play Store, or use the Search function to find the best free or paid file manager app such as File Manager, File Commander, and File Manager Pro. (Samsung phones now come with a native file manager located in the Samsung folder on your Android phone)
  2. Open your file manager app. Find the file manager app on your Apps list after downloading, and tap on the app icon to open it.
  3. Locate the SkyBell notification sound files you want to add as a notification sound. Use your file manager to find the sound file in your Music folder (default), or another directory if you saved it elsewhere.
  4. Copy or move the sound file to your Notifications folder. Your file manager app will let you move or copy this sound file to any directory you want. Once this sound file is copied or moved to your Notifications folder, you can set it as your new notification sound.
    • On most file manager apps, you will have to tap and hold on the sound file, and then tap the three dots icon at the top of your screen to see your options. You will have the option to copy or move on this menu.
    • On most devices, you can find the Notifications folder in your Internal Storage, but the directory may change between different devices.
  5. Open your Android's Settings app. The Settings icon looks like a gray gear or wrench icon on your Apps list.
  6. Scroll down and tap Notifications or Sound & notification. This menu will let you customize all sounds on your device, including alarms, notifications, and ringtones.
  7. Click the SkyBell HD app. Once the notifications page loads, you will see a list of apps to choose from. Select the SkyBell HD app in the app notifications list. 
  8. Tap "Button Press" or "Motion Activated" notification sound. In the next menu, tap "Sound" which will open a list of all the sound files in your notifications directory. Select SkyBell Button Press for "Button Press" notification then apply. Select "Motion Activated" then select SkyBell Motion Alert as your Motion Activated sound. (Most devices will allow you to exit settings and the notification will save.)

*Tap Apply. This button is at the bottom of your screen. It will save your new notification sound settings and is required on SOME devices. On some devices, you may see Done or OK instead of the Apply button.


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