Syncing the SkyBell (iOS)

For a first time user, please download the 'SkyBell HD' application and press 'Sign Up' to create an account.

Note: Please stand near the SkyBell during the syncing process. Ensure the SkyBell is flashing red/green.  If not, please factory reset the device by pressing your SkyBell button in and hold it for about a minute. The LED will flash rapid green > red and green > blue > yellow.  Please make sure to start the syncing process while connected to your home network (not the SkyBell network), as you need internet access for the first few steps.

  1. Syncing the SkyBell (iOS)

    Follow these simple steps to sign into the SkyBell app and connect your SkyBell device to your SkyBell account.

    Download this Syncing the SkyBell Guide in PDF format.

    Step 1

    • Open the SkyBell app from your smart device home screen.
    • Tap the Sign in button.
    App-iOS-SignIn-1-360x640 (1)

    Step 2

    • Enter your SkyBell account email address.
    • Enter your SkyBell account password.
    • Tap the Sign in button.

    Step 3

    If there is no SkyBell device attached to your account (which is the case, if you have just created your SkyBell account), you will see the following screen:

    • Tap the Begin button.

    If you do not see the Add a SkyBell screen, do the following:

    • Tap the Account button. The screen below will be displayed.
    • Under the MY DEVICES section, tap the + Add New SkyBell button. This will take you to the correct screen.
    • Continue by tapping the Begin button.

    Step 4

    Put the SkyBell device into Sync Mode. The SkyBell device is in Sync Mode when the LED is blinking red / green.

    • If your SkyBell device is already in Sync Mode (LED blinking red / green), tap the Continue button at the bottom of the screen.
    • If not, press & hold the SkyBell device's button (for approximately 15 seconds) until the LED blinks green rapidly, then release the button. Approximately 5-10 seconds after the LED starts blinking green the LED will change to blinking red green. Then, tap the Continue button at the bottom of the screen.

    Step 5

    In Sync Mode the SkyBell device creates a temporary ad-hoc Wi-Fi network. The SkyBell app connects to this Wi-Fi network to configure the SkyBell device. Connect to the SkyBell device's Wi-Fi network by following these simple steps:

    • Press your smart device's Home button to leave the SkyBell app.

    Step 6

    • Launch the device settings by tapping the Settings icon.

    Step 7

    • Select the smart device's Wi-Fi network settings by tapping the Wi-Fi network option below the Airplane Mode option.

    Step 8

    A similar screen to the one below will be displayed.

    • Tap the SkyBellHD_XXXXXXXX network. The numbers after SkyBellHD_ will be different to the ones shown. This will connect your smart device to the SkyBell device's Wi-Fi network (temporarily disconnecting your smart device from your home Wi-Fi network).

    Step 9

    A similar screen to the one below will be displayed.

    • Verify that the SkyBellHD_XXXXXXXX network is selected (at the top of the screen).

    Step 10

    • Return to the SkyBell app by double clicking the smart device's Home button and selecting the SkyBell app from the list of running background apps. You can also press the smart device's Home button and then find and tap the SkyBell app icon.

    A similar screen to the one below will be displayed.


    Step 11

    • Select your home Wi-Fi network by tapping on the appropriate network name.
    • Tap the Continue button.

    Step 12

    • Enter your home Wi-Fi network password, allowing your SkyBell device to connect to your home Wi-Fi network.
    • Tap the Connect button.

    Your SkyBell device will now connect to your home Wi-Fi network and will also attach to your SkyBell account. During this process the SkyBell device LED will blink orange rapidly for approximately 10 seconds. The SkyBell app will show the configuration progress on screens like the ones below.


    Step 13

    Once the SkyBell device has been configured, the LED will change from blinking orange rapidly to blinking blue / green, and finally to solid green. The SkyBell app will display the Sync Success screen as shown below.

    • Tap the Go Back to My Account button.

    Step 14

    The SkyBell app requires access to the smart device's microphone to allow your visitors to hear you when you answer the door.

    • Grant permission by tapping the OK button.

    You have successfully set up your SkyBell.

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