Using an Extender with a SkyBell HD

Using an Extender with a SkyBell HD
For optimal placement, you want to plug the range extender in about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way between the router and the SkyBell.  If you place the extender directly next to the SkyBell, the extender could have the same connection issues as the SkyBell. To set up a wireless range extender with a SkyBell HD, the extender must repeat the 2.4GHz network.  You can choose to either disable the 5GHz network or extend the 5GHz network as well, provided that it has a separate name than the 2.4GHz network. The extender must have a unique SSID from the home network for optimal use with the SkyBell; we typically recommend adding “ext” at the end of the network name to help differentiate the networks (e.g. “Test Network” and “Test Network ext”).  After setting up the extender, please make sure you can connect and get internet access successfully. Once it is set up correctly, factory reset the SkyBell and re-sync it. Please be sure to select the extended network when choosing the network to which you will connect the SkyBell during the syncing process.

To begin the Re-Sync process, first we need to hard reset your device.

  1. Press your SkyBell button in and hold it for about a minute. The LED will flash rapid green > red and green > blue > yellow.
  2. Once you see the LED flash yellow, please release the SkyBell button. During this time, please delete your SkyBell device from within the SkyBell app. Now your SkyBell will be flashing red and green.
  3. Proceed through the re-sync instructions detailed in the SkyBell application.

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