SkyBell HD Power Configurations

Setting up a SkyBell with a Mechanical Chime:

Transformer Range: 10-36 VAC 10 VA

Chime: SkyBell works with both digital and mechanical doorbells. Digital doorbells play different

tunes and tend to have speakers. Mechanical doorbells have two plungers and go DING DONG.


The Wired Doorbell Contractor Kit contains both the recommended transformer as well as a

compatible mechanical doorbell. You will not need an adapter if you are using a mechanical





Using a 12 Volt DC power supply with a 10 Ohm / 10 Watt resistor.

Recommended 12 VAC supply:

CMVision UL Listed Regulated Power Adapter, 12VDC, 1Amp for Camera, LED Light, IR Illuminator

TNTE Wall Adapter Power Supply 12V DC 2.1mm ~ 5.5 mm 1Amp UL listed (5 Pack)

** This setup requires a 10 ohm / 10 watt resistor. Buy approved resistor.


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