Does SkyBell work with Samsung SmartThings?

Yes! SkyBell HD is the first video doorbell to work with SmartThings.

By joining your SkyBell HD to your SmartThings account, users will be able to create chains of events that increase security and control at their front door.  For example, you can have SkyBell HD snap a photo when your smart lock is unlocked. Or, you can automatically turn on your lights when someone is at your doorstep and triggers SkyBell HD’s motion sensor.  For anyone with an infant, you can turn off the indoor chime at nap time so a visitor doesn’t wake up your baby.


SmartThings and SkyBell HD users can create rules between the SkyBell HD video doorbell and other smart-home products that work with SmartThings.

Thanks to SkyBell HD’s “always on” Wi-Fi and bi-directional APIs, SmartThings users can benefit from Triggers and Actions.

For triggers, users can generate rules for when a visitor presses the button or triggers the motion sensor. For actions, users can automate commands that tell the SkyBell HD to record live video or snap photos.

The following SkyBell HD APIs are available to SmartThings users:


  1. Button press
  2. Motion sensor event


  1. Take photo
  2. Record live video for 60 seconds
  3. Turn indoor chime on/off
  4. Turn outdoor chime on/off

How to Set It Up

  1. Set up your SkyBell HD device with the SkyBell HD app.
  2. From within your SmartThings app, go to Marketplace, and select the Things tab.
  3. Under the Safety & Security category, select Cameras, SkyBell, SkyBell HD, and then Connect Now.
  4. Authorize SmartThings to access to your SkyBell devices by entering your SkyBell HD account credentials and follow the prompts.
  5. Select which SkyBell HD devices you’d like available in SmartThings.
  6. Your SkyBell HD devices will show up under My Home – Things.  They will also be available to select in Routines.

SkyBell Connect API Program

This integration is made possible with the SkyBell Connect API program. Our patented technology allows us to keep SkyBell’s Wi-Fi on all the time. This means users, platforms and partner products can send commands to SkyBell HD at any time. The ability for users, or partner products, to start SkyBell HD’s live video stream at any time is enabled by this “always-on” technology.

Works with SkyBell HD

This integration only works with the latest version of the SkyBell video doorbell: the SkyBell HD, works with iOS and Android and we'll be adding more APIs in the future. :)


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