How do I power up my SkyBell and what is charge mode?

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Once connected to power, the SkyBell will need a short period of time to charge its internal battery before it is ready to sync and use. This period's duration will vary depending on the power setup being used, voltage and your SkyBell model.  

Typically, with a brand new 16 volt AC transformer and standard mechanical door chime, it takes about 20-30 minutes for a SkyBell Classic to charge up. SkyBell HD's are now typically ready to sync in just a few minutes of charging. The SkyBell's LED light indicator will let you know if it is charging and when it's ready to begin the sync process.

V1 or V2 Classic SkyBell:  

Two quick red blinks, followed by a few seconds pause, then another two quick blinks, then another few second pause... etc.  This means that the SkyBell is in charge mode.


The LED light on the button will be alternating between Blue and Red similar to a police siren light. This is an indication of charge mode.

If your SkyBell is in charge mode for more than 1.5 hours, there may be an issue with the way SkyBell is being powered.

Most common reasons for this to happen:

1. You may be using a digital door chime with the SkyBell - Digital door chimes will not be compatible with the SkyBell unless a Digital Door chime Adapter is connected to the chime. Installation is very easy, please visit the following links:

 2. The transformer that is being used with the SkyBell may not be pushing out enough power, consistently, to the SkyBell for it to charge. If you are receiving 10 or less volts at the SkyBell location with a voltage meter, this may not be enough to charge the device and keep it functioning properly. Especially if connected to a digital chime.

3. In some cases, if you are using a transformer that is 10-20+ years old, the ability for the transformer to transfer the current effectively can prevent the SkyBell from charging completely. Sometimes, the SkyBell will charge up initially, but with the use of the SkyBell, it will return to charge mode. This is a sure sign that the transformer may need to be replaced with a stronger and/or newer one.

4. The SkyBell may not be wired effectively. If you notice that the SkyBell continues to charge even with all of the above instructions considered and corrected, you may want to check that you have installed and wired the SkyBell correctly, making sure that the terminals and wires are tight and that there are no gaps or kinks in them.

If you have considered, identified and corrected all of the above possibilities, please contact our support team. They will be able to find a solution in a vast majority of cases. :)

When the SkyBell has been charged up and is ready to be synced and used:

A version 1 or 2 SkyBell's LED light will either go to solid red, or will change blinking pace to a steady one-per-second (approx.) blink.  

A SkyBell HD will go into the Red and Green alternating blink (similar to Christmas lights)

You should then be able to begin the sync process and enjoy using your SkyBell!

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