HD Installer - Installation Instructions

Please Do not proceed with this document until you have gone through the Installation checklist.


  • Remove the customer’s existing doorbell from their home. Leave the wires exposed and separate them from each other to prevent them from touching and activating the door chime.
  • Grab the SkyBell HD mounting plate and place it onto the intended location for SkyBell HD. Use the mounting plate as a guide to determine where the screws will be placed and mark their locations. If there are already existing screw holes that match up with the SkyBell HD mounting plate, this step is not required.
  • If you are installing onto a concrete, brick, or stucco home, you may need a power drill to make the holes for the screws. If you are installing onto a wood home, you may use the included screw driver and screws to start the holes. If you do drill a hole into the home or the home’s existing holes are slightly larger, please use the included screw anchors to provide a perfect fit for the screws. If you are not required to drill new holes, remove the screws from the SkyBell HD box and install them onto the home using approximately 3 complete turns, then remove. Do not install the screws completely onto the home.
  • Place the SkyBell HD mounting plate onto the home and make sure you pull the wires through the center of the plate. Remember to keep the wires apart to prevent touching. Match the mounting plate up with the holes you previously created, and install the mounting plate using the provided screws. Once installed, confirm the mounting plate is level.
  • On the mounting plate, there are two terminals located on the left. Slightly loosen the two screws enough to allow for the end of each existing doorbell wire to pass underneath. Please be careful to not completely remove the screws. Insert one wire under each screw and tighten. Once you have installed each wire, give them a small tug to confirm they are secure. Tuck in any excess wiring.

  • Grab the SkyBell HD device. There is a lip located at the top of the mounting plate. Attach the top of the SkyBell HD to the lip of the mounting plate first. Once you have confirmed the device has been attached, push the bottom of the device into place until it is flush with the mounting plate. *Note: The SkyBell HD may not be flush with the customer’s home. This is ok. Hold the device in place until the SkyBell HD LED illuminates. If the device does not illuminate, please remove the device and confirm the wires have been properly attached to the mounting plate.
  • Once the device illuminates, using a Philips screwdriver, tighten the set screw located at the bottom of the mounting plate. Turn the screw to the right until tight. Please do not over tighten the set screw. Once you have installed the set screw, give the device a small tug to confirm it has been secured in place.

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