My SkyBell HD is Flashing Green and Blue

Your SkyBell HD should flash green and blue during the initial syncing process and should only do so for a few seconds.
If your SkyBell HD was already successfully synced and is now flashing green and blue, this means your SkyBell is connected to your router but does not have internet connection. The router is broadcasting a LAN signal but not WLAN.

  1. Unplug your wireless router and then re-plug it it back in. DO NOT press the reset button on the router which will cause you to reconfigure your network.
  2. Once the router is powered back on, test internet connection from your phone connected to the WiFi and you should see your SkyBell LED back to it's normal "ready" color.

Sometimes if the SkyBell is connecting to your router but cannot connect with our servers, you've power cycled your router and the SkyBell has never worked with this router, a firewall setting may be the issue.

Please check your router firewall settings.

If your SkyBell LED does not return to it's normal solid "ready" color after the router power cycle, hold down the button until the LED flashes blue and then release. SkyBell will perform a power reboot and reconnect itself to the router and server.

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