How do I factory reset my SkyBell?

Factory resetting the SkyBell should only be used as a last resort of troubleshooting.  

A factory reset (AKA hard reset) is a term for performing a process that removes all information (account, Wi-Fi, stored videos, etc.) from a SkyBell and is essentially returning it to the way it was when it was first manufactured. The firmware will be removed from the SkyBell after a hard reset and will return to the factory default firmware.

Factory reset should only be performed for the following reasons:

  • Discontinuing use of the SkyBell
  • Giving the device to someone else
  • Device is not responding to pressing of button but "ding dong" is present and reboot was not successful. Reboot by holding LED until you see rapid blue strobe flashing - this is a power cycle and the SkyBell will go through an LED reset.
  • Device has not performed a firmware upgrade and it's been more than 24 hours from release
  • Firmware is corrupted

To perform a hard reset, always remember that if your SkyBell is already synced, you must remove the device from the app prior to performing the factory reset.

To perform a hard reset on the SkyBell Version 2 (SkyBell Classic):

Hold the SkyBell's physical push-button for about 55 seconds. You will want to watch the L.E.D. light while holding the button which will go from slow blinking to a fast red blinking at around the 45 second mark then to an even faster flickering/strobe-like red light. Once it begins strobing red you will release the button. The SkyBell will then reset itself for a few seconds and return to a Solid red or a slow blinking red.

DO NOT PERFORM A HARD RESET ON A SKYBELL VERSION 1 AT ANY TIME, this could prevent the version 1 from ever being able to sync again.

To perform a hard reset on the SkyBell HD:

You will want to hold the SkyBell HD's push-button until it begins to flash very quickly in a Yellow color. This will take about 1 minute of holding the button down. Once it hits the rapid yellow flashing release the button and the L.E.D. light will go through a boot up mode. After a few moments it will return to a Red/Green alternating blink. This is the default mode (sync mode) and you can sync your SkyBell. Please click here for HD sync instructions.



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