How do I adjust the volume on my SkyBell?

To adjust the volume of the audio of the person at your door through the app you will want to start a video by starting on demand or viewing a video from history and then repeatedly press up on the volume button on your mobile device. 

The SkyBell Apps use what is called "media volume", meaning it uses the same volume channel that things like YouTube videos will use on your Mobile device. It does not work on the same volume as a phone call, or the ringtone volume for that phone.

*No video will display if you are currently running a VPN app on your mobile device

If the speaker volume coming OUT of the SkyBell is too loud or too quiet:

For the SkyBell HD, you can change the speaker volume by going to the "watch live" page and clicking the gear icon on the top-right of that page. This will bring you to "settings" where you will see a "Speaker volume" setting. Adjust to low, medium or high. 

For the SkyBell Classic, there is not currently a way to adjust the speaker volume.

If you are not hearing any sound coming out of the SkyBell, please ensure that the SkyBell app has permission to use your mobile device's microphone. You can make sure of this by visiting the settings of your mobile device, and clicking on the microphone section.

If you are having an issue with the speaker volume, and have made sure that you have checked the above information, please contact our Customer Care team for assistance.


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