How does the Activity History work?

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SkyBell HD-

  • "Start Video" will record for approximately 5 minutes*
  • An answered button press will record for approximately 5 minutes*
  • An answered motion sensor initiated call will record for approximately 1 minute*

*If a call goes beyond the above times the SkyBell will go back into a "Ready Mode", video will freeze and an error message of "Communication with your SkyBell was lost. Please try again in a moment." If you'd like to initiate a new connection with your porch you can now touch "Watch Live".

The videos that accumulate under the green "Watch Live" button are videos that have been recorded by your SkyBell HD. These videos will record whenever the SkyBell is triggered in any way:

- If someone presses the button, and you answer the notification- That video interaction will be stored.

- If someone presses the button, and you don't answer the notification- the SkyBell HD will store a clip of video so that you can see what you missed at the door at a later time.

- If motion is detected by the SkyBell HD and you answer the notification- That video interaction will be stored.

- If motion is detected by the SkyBell HD and you don''t answer the notification- the SkyBell HD will store a clip of whatever set off the motion detector, for later viewing.

- If you start a live video, by simply clicking "watch live", the SkyBell HD app will store that video clip for later viewing as well.

These videos are all accurately time-stamped, so that you can see exactly when it was that the recording of the video took place.

You can delete these recordings manually, by sliding each listed video from right to left. A red "delete" bar will appear to the right of the video, and if you tap it, the video will be deleted.

You can save these videos by clicking the downward-pointing arrow that is located next to the video listed.  Doing so will request a download of the video, and save it to your Phone's normal photo/video gallery.

HD will store a rolling 20 video's at a time. Make sure you "save" any video's that you want to keep long term.

HD will record video as long as that connection is live.

SkyBell Classic (Versions one and two)-

  • "On Demand" will record up to 2 minutes of video
  • Button press or motion triggered video will record up to 30 seconds

Directly underneath the "Start Video" button in your SkyBell App, you will see a section titled "activity history". If you tap the word Activity History, you will be brought to a page that displays thumbnail images of videos that have been recorded to our cloud server. You can access and stream these videos from your phone by touching the video's picture. SkyBell Classic's Activity History is a little bit different from the SkyBell HD's, in the sense that:

- The videos are stored within the Activity history when they have been initiated by the user in the app.

- When you click "Start Video" and view a live stream from your SkyBell on demand, up to 2 minutes of activity will be stored in the "Activity History" section for later viewing.

- When motion is detected, or someone presses the SkyBell Classic's doorbell button, you will be notified on your phone. If you answer this notification, and therefore view the video, the video will be stored in your Activity History section. 

- You can download these videos to your phone's storage (photo/video gallery of the actual phone) by clicking the downward-pointing arrow located on the side of the video's thumbnail picture in the "Activity History" list.  

-The videos that are stored do not take up your phone's physical memory, as they are actually stored in a cloud server.  When you are accessing these videos to play, they are actually being streamed to your phone via the SkyBell Classic app.  

- There is currently not a way to manually delete the activity history videos within the SkyBell Classic app.  These videos will automatically delete from the cloud, and thus your app, after 7 days of being stored; from oldest to newest.

(If you want to keep them for longer, you can download the videos to your phone to keep forever if you'd like -- See above in the 4th bullet point down.)

Cloud storage of video history feature is free for all users who download our apps.

If you experience strange, flickering, or unclear video when watching the activity history, this is usually due to a low Upload Speed coming from the Wi-Fi signal that the SkyBell is synced to.


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