What does "Already Registered" mean?

If you are syncing a SkyBell and you receive the following error message:

"This device is already registered to another account"

Your SkyBell is associated with another account:

1. Already sync'd using a different email address username.

If you have already synced the SkyBell to the app using a different Username and Password combination, you will not be able to sync to an additional username and password combination. This is a security feature so that stolen SkyBells cannot be reused. Please log in using your original email/username.

2. Purchased from an unauthorized third party re-seller.

If you have purchased a SkyBell from a third party seller, such as Ebay or Amazon Warehouse deals and are getting this error, chances are that your SkyBell is previously owned or is a return. If you can contact the seller of the device please have them log into their account and "Remove" the SkyBell. Once removed from their account you will now be able to sync it to your account.

For our user's security, we are unable to wipe accounts that have been purchased from unauthorized re-sellers.

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