What does solid white LED mean? HD

When an HD SkyBell is on an active call the LED will change to solid white.

An active call can be established by a button press, motion sensor trigger or by a user pressing "start video" in the app. The LED will change back to default green or your custom "ready" color once the call has completed and your SkyBell disconnects from our server. Customizing the "on call" color from white to another color is not possible.

The white on call LED helps illuminate the area around SkyBell to provide a clearer picture. It is also needed for the full color night vision to work properly. 

Troubleshooting: If your SkyBell LED is staying solid white after a call and will not return to "ready" state please press "Start Video" in the app and then press "hang up". This will initiate a server connection and then end it. Your SkyBell should then again be ready for us.

Please click here for a HD LED light indicator guide.

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