My SkyBell Classic V2 SSID is not showing up in my WI-FI

These instructions are for SkyBell V2 Classic only.

If you are experiencing an issue with your Skybell's own Wi-Fi signal not showing in your phone's WI-FI list, follow the steps below and attempt to re-sync afterward:

If your Skybell's SSID signal has disappeared after an unsuccessful sync, attempt the following:

Hard Reset – Hold in the SkyBell LED for about 55 seconds. The SkyBell LED will go from solid to Sync mode to a faster pace to a “flicker.” Once the SkyBell LED starts “flickering” red, the button must be released and the SkyBell LED will go blank and then emit a solid red. This removes the device’s history, any paired accounts, and all wireless settings. This will also set the SkyBell’s firmware back to the version that it was shipped with, so once it connects to a wireless network, it will download the latest firmware.

You will then want to make sure that the SkyBell is blinking red slowly, by holding the button down for about 20 seconds, or until the LED is blinking red at a slow pace (about once per second).

The Skybell's SSID should pop up within 1-5 mins upon starting sync mode (slow blinking red).

If that does not work, there is another way that has been successful many times in the past:

You can remove the SkyBell from power for 24 hours, either by removing it from the mounting plate and wiring, or by switching off the power at the breaker.  This will allow the SkyBell to completely lose a charge and reset.  Once you power the SkyBell back on, wait for it to charge back up, and then attempt a sync again.

This method works almost every time.

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