Installer Training - Doorbell Chimes Troubleshooting

As an installer, you'll see many different doorbell systems. Please let us know if you'd like more information on any particular set up.

SkyBell HD works with analog and digital doorbell chimes. If you're working with a digital chime, then you must install the SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter. Analog chimes do not require any additional hardware.

What do I do if the customer does not have a door chime present?

There are two ways to install the SkyBell. You can install the SkyBell with a transformer or you can install using a 12V power adapter. It is important to keep in mind that anytime you are connecting a SkyBell directly to a transformer without a door chime being present, you must use a 10 ohm resistor. Failure to install a resistor can result in damage to the SkyBell. To see the proper way to install the SkyBell using a 12V power adapter or using just a transformer, please refer to the power page.

How do I know which doorbell system a customer has?

One method is to press and hold the doorbell button and listen for the chime. If the chime hangs at “ding,” then the customer has an analog chime. If the chime plays a melody, then they have a digital chime. You may also remove the cover from the doorbell chime and see if a speaker is present. Digital chimes always have a speaker.

Why does a customer need the SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter?

The adapter acts as a bridge between the transformer and doorbell chime to supply power to SkyBell HD.

The customer has a digital chime, but I do not have a SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter. What do I do?

You will need to return with the necessary hardware or have the adapter shipped to the customer along with instructions for installation. For this reason, it is best to always have a SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter on hand.

What happens when the SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter is not installed and the customer has a digital chime?

Failure to install the SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter can cause SkyBell HD to not power up. Installing SkyBell HD without the adapter may also result in the chime ringing continuously. Complete Digital Doorbell Adapter Instructions and troubleshooting here.

I have installed the SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter, but SkyBell HD is not powering up. What do I do?

If SkyBell HD is not powering up after installing the adapter, check the adapter to confirm all wires are correctly and securely attached. Also check to make sure there is no damage present on the adapter. Once you have confirmed the adapter has been installed properly, and SkyBell HD is not illuminating, replace the adapter with a new one.

I have installed the SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter and synced SkyBell HD. However, when SkyBell HD is pressed, there is no sound coming from the chime. How do I resolve this?

If the chime is not activating when pressed, please confirm that “Digital Door Chime” is toggled to the on position in the app. Accessing the device settings menu in the SkyBell HD mobile application.

Is there any information I should relay to the customer in regards to the SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter?

It is best to inform the customer that in order for SkyBell HD to operate with their digital chime, the “Digital Door Chime” feature located in the SkyBell HD mobile application must be toggled to the "on" position at all times. If the customer wishes to silence their indoor chime, that specific feature is also located in the device settings menu and is referred to as “Indoor Chime.”

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