What does "Error loading activity history" mean?

The Error message stating "There was an Error loading the activity history", is due to the SkyBell not making a good connection to our cloud server.

Here are some steps to try if you are experiencing this:

-Make sure your SkyBell is synced and that the "Start Video" or "On Demand" is working. If it is not, this would be a different issue. Please see this article to check the L.E.D. light status of your SkyBell:  


- Make sure that you are receiving a good Upload Speed and signal strength from your Wi-Fi router to the SkyBell. You will need at least 2 Mbps of Upload Speed for the SkyBell to sync properly.

-Perform a soft reset, by holding the SkyBell button down for 45 seconds.

-Remove your SkyBell from power for one hour; this will allow the SkyBell to reset itself without effecting any of the network settings. This can also relieve some other video issues.

-If all else fails, you may need to re-sync the device to your Wi-Fi Network.

To do this, you will first delete the SkyBell from the account within the app, and then use the app to simply follow the sync process from the beginning. This will force a connection to the server, but beware that it will also erase your previous activity history.

Please keep an eye on our website for any updates or announcements regarding server maintenance.

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