What does double blinking orange mean?

If your SkyBell HD has begun blinking twice quickly every few seconds in an Orange/Red color, this means that the SkyBell HD has lost internet connection. At this point, it is not connected to your Wi-Fi and is not connected with the SkyBell servers.

A few common causes are:

- If anything about your Wi-Fi network has changed, including the network name or password, this will throw the SkyBell HD offline.

- If you see this Orange/Red blinking after a failed sync attempt, this means that the Wi-Fi may be too far away or not fast enough to connect to the SkyBell.

- The SkyBell HD will sometimes do this blinking pattern right before it is getting a firmware update from our servers. This will only last about 1 minute at the most. It will then begin flashing blue and yellow alternating flashes, meaning that it is receiving a firmware push. If the orange blinking lasts for longer than one minute without ever going to the Blue/yellow, you will want to consider the above possibilities.





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