Why am I getting a frozen or "lagging" image with my SkyBell HD?

If you are trying to begin a video feed on your SkyBell HD and you notice that the video is either stuck on a frame or is not playing smoothly, this is due to the SkyBell HD's frame-rate dropping.

Some possible reasons for this to occur:

- This is almost always due to a Wi-Fi related issue. If you have an upload speed of less than 2 Mbps, the SkyBell HD will often times not have consistent, fluid video. Please perform an upload speed-test of your Wi-Fi by downloading a speed testing app (we recommend OOKLA, or speedtest.net).  You will want to make sure that you focus on the upload speed, as that is the only speed that the SkyBell uses.

- It could also be due to a poor Wi-Fi signal connectivity. The SkyBell HD's frame-rate will drop and the video feed will lose packets from your internet, causing the video to "stutter" or freeze on one frame. Please make sure that your Wi-Fi router is less than 40 feet away from your SkyBell and/or that the router is less than 5 years old.

- The SkyBell HD may have a poor connection to the SkyBell server. To refresh the connection of the SkyBell HD to your Wi-Fi and our server you can perform a soft reset of the SkyBell HD.

To perform a soft reset:

Hold the SkyBell HD's push-button down until it flashes rapidly in a Blue color. Once it goes to the Blue, quick flashing, you will want to release. The SkyBell HD will then boot back up and go through a few L.E.D. light changes (usually double orange blink, then blue/green alternating blink, then back to the chosen ready-mode color.)

As a last resort if a soft reset doesn't resolve the issue you can delete the SkyBell HD from the app and then re-sync it to your app by "Adding new device". This can establish a new server connection.

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