Why am I not getting Video or Audio?

You should have both video and 2-way audio with both SkyBell Classic/V2 and SkyBell HD! Below will help you troubleshoot if you are having difficulties.

Note: Having a VPN app open will block your video connection.

No Video & No Audio = If the Wi-Fi signal strength is enough to go through sync mode, it should be enough to send audio. No video or audio is typically caused by not enough upload speed or the Wi-Fi signal to the SkyBell is inconsistent or regularly dropping.

  • If you don't have enough upload speed, you will see the following messages when trying to answer a call:
    • “Starting live audio feed”
    • “Retry” – three times
    • “Stream cannot be established” or "Poor Connection"

No Video Yes Audio = this is caused 90% of the time due to not enough upload speed but can also be due to weak Wi-Fi signal strength.

  • You may see video start but with a rice paper effect that looks like a film on a screen where you can still see people behind it. An error should pop up as “Poor Wi-Fi Connection”, meaning low signal strength from the home Wi-Fi connection.

o You might want to look at where your router is located to your SkyBell and test again after bringing it closer.

Please click here for how to test my signal strength and upload speed.

If signal and upload speed tests show 2+ bars and 1.5+ Mbps:

"Poor Connection" may also appear if there is a weak signal between SkyBell and the router or the customer’s Wi-Fi network is congested, thus causing lower-than-expected upload speeds.

To determine the cause, use your iOS or Android mobile device, connect to the home wireless network and touch "Watch Live" from the SkyBell HD app. If the stream plays and the error message does not occur, then the problem lies with the mobile carrier network you are connected to.

If you do receive an error message, first power cycle your home Wi-Fi router. SkyBell will disconnect and flash orange until the Wi-Fi router is operational and again transmitting a signal. During this time, reboot the SkyBell device by holding down the button until it flashes blue (typically about 50 seconds).

Once SkyBell has powered back up and is in “ready mode”, which is evident by showing a solid green LED, go ahead and make another test call. Keep the call active for about 30 seconds to confirm the issue has been resolved. If the error message is still appearing, you will need to increase the signal strength of your router to the SkyBell’s location by relocating the router or installing a wireless extender.

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