Why won't my SkyBell HD ring the chime in my house?

Is your SkyBell not ringing the chime?

  • We first want to verify “Indoor chime” setting in the app is not disabled. From your app, touch "settings" and ensure indoor chime is "green".
  • If a digital door chime is being used, install Digital Doorbell Adapter and toggle “Digital door chime” setting in Device Settings to ‘on’
  • If “Indoor chime” is disabled and have an analog door chime, the SkyBell is offline. What color is the LED?
    • Blue/Red = SkyBell is having to recharge, may not have enough power or inconsistent power
    • Flashing Orange = Lost internet connection. Often resetting your router will resolve this. Did you recently reset your router password? If so, you'll need to resync your skybell.
    • Blue/Green = Trying to establish connection with our server. Blinking Blue/Green will occur when SkyBell is establishing server connection during sync process or the server their SkyBell is connected to may have had to reboot. If a server reboot, wait 15 minutes while the SkyBell itself is rebooting. Should return to ‘Ready’ mode.
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