My SkyBell HD is not ringing the chime in my house?

If your SkyBell HD is notifying you on your phone but you are not getting any ring inside your house, check the following:

  1. From the Device Settings in your App (Android or iOS) tap Indoor Chime and verify that it is turned to the on position.
  2. If you are using a digital doorbell, ensure you have the Digital Doorbell Adapter installed and you have the Digital Door Chime setting turned to the on position.

If are unable to load the device settings in the App, your SkyBell HD may be offline. Check your SkyBell LEDs for the reason why it is offline.

Blinking Blue and Red - Your SkyBell HD may not have enough power or it has inconsistent power

Flashing Orange - Your SkyBell HD lost internet connection. Often resetting your router will resolve this. Did you recently reset your router password? If so, you'll need to re-sync your SkyBell HD.

Blinking Blue and Green - Your SkyBell HD is trying to establish connection with our server. Blinking Blue/Green will occur when SkyBell is establishing server connection during sync process.

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