Why is my SkyBell stuck in Red/Blue? = SkyBell is in charge mode

Stuck in Red/Blue = SkyBell is in charge mode.

If your SkyBell's LED is Red/Blue and has been connected to power for less than 30 minutes, please wait for your SkyBell to fully charge. When fully charged it will automatically change the LED to a blinking red/green.

Flicker or strobe RED LED indicates a very low power source. If the LED then changes to RED/BLUE give it a little bit of time and it should turn RED/GREEN which indicates ready to Sync. If your SkyBell stays in a flicker RED or RED/BLUE overnight then you'll need to increase the power output to operate your SkyBell.

Please click here for more information regarding power and compatible transformers.

Do you have a digital doorbell? A SkyBell connected to a digital doorbell chime without a digital adaptor will likely not have enough power.

Please click here for digital doorbell information.

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