Why is my SkyBell blinking Red/Blue?

If your SkyBell is blinking red and blue that means it is not getting enough power to fully charge

  1. Is your doorbell digital or mechanical?

    If the chime is digital, please ensure that a digital adapter is installed with the SkyBell so that it can power up properly.

  2. Do you know the make and model of chime? 

    Do you have a digital doorbell? A SkyBell connected to a digital doorbell chime without a digital adaptor will likely not have enough power.

    Please click here for digital doorbell information.

Check the back of the SkyBell and see if there is any bulging or arching on the backside of the SkyBell device.

Sometimes, taking off the SkyBell and check to ensure the metal contacts on the back of the SkyBell are not pushed in, this will also prevent the device from charging. You can gently pull the metal contacts out a little if you find them pushed in.

If this doesn't work, you may need to perform a voltage meter reading and possibly replace your transformer (typically these can be found at your local hardware store for approximately $20). I have attached the power diagram to assist you.

Please click here for more information regarding power and compatible transformers.


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