How do I sync my SkyBell HD?

Instructions for syncing SkyBell HD with an Apple iOS device:

If you've been through the sync process and need assistance troubleshooting please click here.

When a SkyBell is blinking RED then GREEN it is fully charged and ready to sync.



1. Create Your SkyBell HD Account

If you already have a SkyBell HD account then you can "sign in" to "add" a new SkyBell.

Entering your user id/email and password will open up your account and you can touch "Add a new SkyBell".

Selecting "Forgot Password" will reset your password and requires you to enter your account email address





To begin, create a new SkyBell HD account. This is done by clicking "sign up"

For a New Account, please fill in the following:






Must use a valid email address


Password must be at least 7 characters


Name fields must have at least 2 characters










 2. Add a new SkyBell

Select the green "Add a new SkyBell" button.

3. Begin Sync Process

Select “OK let’s begin>” to start

 4. Confirm SkyBell is in 'Ready' mode

SkyBell LED should be blinking RED and GREEN

Select "Next" to proceed

 5. Open iPhone/iPad Wi-Fi Settings


As instructed in the app, select the iPhone/iPad Home button, go to "settings" and then select "Wi-Fi".


 6. Select SkyBell HD from Wi-Fi list



Make sure Wi-Fi on your iPhone/iPAd is turned ON, showing GREEN




CHOOSE A NETWORK... Select the SkyBell HD from the list.





Confirm you see a check before you proceed.

IF the SkyBell HD you installed is not included in the CHOOSE A NETWORK... list, then check the LED to ensure the SkyBell is in sync mode and is blinking RED and GREEN.

*If you are given an error message of “unable to connect to network,” please disconnect the SkyBell HD from power until the LED turns off, and then reconnect. Once the SkyBell HD device is blinking red/green, attempt to connect to the network again.

 7. Return to SkyBell HD App Set-up


Return to the HD App

Confirm your home Wi-Fi so that the SkyBell HD can connect to your network

*If you do not see your home Wi-Fi, please confirm that your router is within range of your SkyBell and that it is properly configured to broadcast a 2.4 GHz signal. Your router guide will show you how to confirm it is set up for 2.4GHz.

Select your home Wi-Fi network, then select "Next"

 8. Enter Wi-Fi Password

Enter the password for the home Wi-Fi

*If your home Wi-Fi network does not require a password (open network), leave this field blank

Select "Next" to continue


Be prepared to enter the following information for networks that require additional security credentials.


IP Address

Subnet Mask




The sync process will continue automatically until it is complete.


When the process is complete, you will receive this notice. Your SkyBell will now be downloading the latest firmware. Please give it about 5 minutes.

Additional Resource: Installer Training Guide Table of Contents


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