Do I need a Digital Doorbell Adapter? How do I install it?

A digital doorbell adapter is required for all digital doorbell chimes to work with SkyBell. Before beginning installation, it is important to ensure the power requirements are met. For information on power requirements, please click here.

SkyBell is compatible with analog (mechanical) and digital door chimes!

Identify if you have a Mechanical or Digital Door Chime

Press and hold the doorbell button. You will confirm there is a power supply present and also determine the type of chime the customer has. If the chime makes the “ding” sound and hangs, then the customer currently has an analog system installed. If the door chime plays a melody or you see a speaker for the chime, you have a digital doorbell.

Additional Resource: Identifying a Digital vs. Mechanical (Analog) Chime

If you have a digital door chime, you must connect a Digital Doorbell Adapter to your chime prior to installing. The Digital Doorbell Adapter's main purpose is to regulate the power supply equally between the chime and the SkyBell, allowing the SkyBell to power up.

The SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter ("DDA") is required for a SkyBell when using an indoor digital doorbell chime.

Analog chimes consist of two plungers that make the traditional “Ding Dong” sound when the button is pressed. Digital chimes play a melody tone when pressed and will feature a speaker within.

Door chimes consisting of a bell and hammer are not compatible with SkyBell. This is because once the SkyBell is connected to power, it will send power to the chime causing it to ring continuously. These types of chimes are common in older buildings and in Europe.

SkyBell is not compatible with intercom systems, and there are no plans to integrate with intercoms.


Requirements for SkyBell to work with a digital chime:

  • SkyBell HD
  • Digital chime system
  • Digital Doorbell Adapter
  • Low-voltage transformer*
  • “Digital Chime” toggled ON within SkyBell app

The SkyBell DDA installs inside your indoor digital doorbell chime by connecting the wires to the terminals used for FRONT (representing the front where your SkyBell is) and TRANS or TRANSFORMER, which regulates the power. The diagram below shows how the SkyBell DDA connects to the terminal inside your digital doorbell chime.


Digital Doorbell Adapter Installation Video

NOTE: The DDA featured in this video has since been modified so the connectors to terminals are wire based rather than fitting the circular openings allowing it to work in most all digital doorbells. The app featured in this video has also been updated and does not reflect the most recent app layout and design.

Once the Digital Doorbell Adapter is installed into the digital chime system, please ensure that the “Digital Chime” feature is enabled within the SkyBell app. This feature can be found under “Device Settings” in the SkyBell Classic app and SkyBell HD app. Without this feature enabled, users will experience irregular behavior from the SkyBell and/or the chime such as warped tones, constant ringing from the chime or power loss to the chime.


*SkyBell HD requires 10-36 VAC. A strong transformer will typically output 16-22 VAC while degraded ones may range in output between 10-13 VAC. Please check the voltage to verify correct power output and keep in mind a digital chime will draw more power than the traditional analog set-up. So if the power output available for powering both the SkyBell and your digital chime is 10 VAC that probably isn't enough to power both and that transformer will likely put out even less power as time goes on. For a list of recommended transformers please click the link below under "Troubleshooting NOTE".


If you connect your SkyBell to a digital chime system without the Digital Doorbell Adapter, you may experience the following:

  • Your digital chime will ring continuously until the SkyBell is disconnected from power
  • The SkyBell may not power up because the digital chime is pulling the majority of power from the transformer
  • The transformer may hum or buzz because it is not able to send enough power to both your digital chime and the SkyBell

NOTE: SkyBell does not make a buzzing sound. A buzzing sound is likely the transformer. If the transformer is buzzing it means that your transformer isn't able to provide enough power for the SkyBell. For a list of compatible transformers, please click here.

Occasionally, with some really old door chimes, they do not regulate the power current to the SkyBell properly, causing a buzzing or humming noise. If you replace the door chime, this issue will be resolved. If you replace your door chime with a digital door chime, please make sure you get a SkyBell Digital Door Adapter.

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