What do I need to know about powering the SkyBell and compatible transformers?

Both HD and V2 Classic SkyBells have similar power requirements.

Wires from the transformer or 12V DC power supply can be connected to any terminal on the mounting plate. Polarity is not required.

A SkyBell uses a low-voltage transformer, that must put out between 10 and 36 Volts of Alternating Current, or AC.  SkyBell recommends between 16 and 24 volts, as we test our SkyBell units using this range of power and if your transformer is putting out 10-12 volts, then it's probably nearing the end of its life, as it is decreasing its output over time. Most homes that were built in the last 15 years should have a transformer outputting enough power for SkyBell HD.

Once connected to power, the SkyBell will need a short period of time to charge its internal battery before it is ready to sync and use. This period's duration will vary depending on the power setup being used, voltage and your SkyBell model. Please click here for "Charge Mode" details and troubleshooting.

HD Installation Video Link

Transformers (International below)

Here is a list of some transformers that are available in the U.S. that we have seen much success with:

 Amazon - Honeywell RCA900N1008


 Home Depot - IQ America DT-1624A (as long as this is wired for 16 volts)


 Home Depot - Heath Zenith DW-125 (as long as this is wired for 16 volts)


 Lowes - Honeywell RCA900N1008N


 Lowes - Utilitech LE-125C-A


 Walmart - Thomas & Betts DH910



We also have one transformer that has been recommended to work by our European customers:

Amazon-  Friedland D753


If you have any questions/comments/want to see more, please let us know!

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