My SkyBell HD LED is Solid Yellowish/Green and Does Not Respond

If your SkyBell HD is not responding and the LED is a solid Yellowish/Green, perform the following steps:

  1. Remove SkyBell HD from the wall and disconnect from power
  2. Wait 60 seconds after the LED lights go out
  3. Reconnect SkyBell to power
  4. Perform a hard reset
    • Press your SkyBell button in and hold it for about a minute. The LED will flash (rapid green>red and green>blue>yellow).
    • Once you see the LED flash yellow, release the SkyBell button. During this time, please delete your SkyBell device from within the SkyBell app.
    • Now your SkyBell will be flashing red and green.
    • Select 'Add a SkyBell' in your app and follow the on-screen instructions to re-sync your device. 
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