What is the solution for no video on my Android T-Mobile phone?

6/11/16 T-Mobile Fix Update- Newer Android phones build for compatibility on T-Mobiles expanded LTE network should no longer have a video issue with SkyBell HD (V2 customers still need to follow the steps below). Thank you for your help T-Mobile!

If you previously implemented this workaround and now don't have video, please revert to the original APN settings for your mobile handset. :)

Some Android users have reported an issue with video not being displayed on their Android phones when on a Cellular network; but video does display when connected to WiFi.

If you are using an Android phone, and have T-Mobile as your Cellular plan Carrier- this may be effecting you.  

On some Android Phones with T-Mobile's Cellular Network, video may not show when you are connecting to the SkyBell via Cellular data (4g LTE).  We have found that there is a conflict with how the T-Mobile carrier network throttles (increases speed) their connections by using a certain type of access point within Android devices.  

Here are the steps to the T-Mobile workaround (can very depending on device):

1. Click on Settings

2. Click the sub-menu called Connections or Conn. (some phones "Mobile Networks")

3. Tap on More Networks

4. Tap on Mobile Networks

5. Click Access Point Names or Access Points

6. Click or Add an Access Point

7. Set the following fields, ensuring that each field is entered exactly as follows:

Name:    T-Mobile US LTE M

APN:    fast.t-mobile.com

MMSC:    http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com//mms/wapenc

MCC:    310

MNC:    260

APN type:   default,supl,mms,dun

APN protocol:     IPv4

APN roaming protocol:    IPv4

Now return to your APN's selection screen and select the newly-created APN (T-Mobile US LTE M).

Please make sure that you have selected the newly created APN and not the one that was already there. The new APN has a "M" at the end of the name for "Modified". 

These settings changes should not have any effect on the performance or the usage rates of your T-Mobile Data Network.

Below is a list of devices we've compiled from T-Mobile that support T-Mobiles Extended LTE capabilities. Keep in mind, some of these devices may not yet support the SkyBell application.


Samsung Galaxy S® 6 edge
Samsung Galaxy Note® Edge - Certified Pre-Owned
Samsung Galaxy S® 6 - Certified Pre-Owned
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus
Samsung Galaxy S® 6
Samsung Galaxy Note5
Samsung Galaxy Note5 - Certified Pre-Owned
Samsung Galaxy S® 6 edge - Certified Pre-Owned
Samsung GALAXY GRAND Prime™


LG G4™ - Certified Pre-Owned
LG V10™ - Certified Pre-Owned
LG Leon™ LTE - Certified Pre-Owned
LG K10™
LG K7™
LG V10™
LG G4™
LG G Stylo™ 


ALCATEL ONETOUCH POP Astro™ - Certified Pre-Owned


Apple iPhone SE
Apple iPhone 6s
Apple iPhone 6s Plus


Coolpad Catalyst™ 


HTC One® M9
HTC 10™


Kyocera DuraForce XD


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