Where is my Device Activation Code? SkyBell V2 Classic Only

Your SkyBell Device Activation code is a 24 digit code needed to sync your mobile device to your SkyBell. If you need your Activation Code, please see below for information on obtaining it.


  • The SkyBell Device Activation Code can be found in numerous locations.
  1. A sticker located on the box or plastic packaging for your SkyBell Device
  2. On a sticker located on the back of the black plate covering your SkyBell(newly produced SkyBells)
  3. On the back of your Installation Manual
  4. If your device is synced, the Activation Code can be located inside the app on the Device Settings Menu


  • If you are not able to locate your SkyBell Device Activation Code in any of the aforementioned locations, please follow the instructions below for requesting  your Activation Code using your SkyBell ID.
  1. Locate your SkyBell ID. The SkyBell ID starts with the letter "S" followed by a series of digits. This can be located on the back of your Skybell's covering or on older generation devices, this is located on the metal plate inside your SkyBell under a QR Code.
  2. If you are not able to locate the SkyBell ID, but you have found the QR Code, please download the app "Bakodo" on your mobile device and scan the QR Code. This app will provide you with your SkyBell ID. 
  3. Once you have your SkyBell ID, please forward this information over in your support request. 

Having your SkyBell ID readily available will make this process move along alot quicker!

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