My SkyBell is solid green but I'm still having trouble?

You've sync'd your SkyBell and have a solid green LED but now you are having troubles getting the video feed going, or you are having lag or freezing issues, or maybe your phone is not able to locate your SkyBell as a device.  Here are some ideas:

First, if your phone can't find your SkyBell as a device to connect with, it is possible that the unit did not completely synchronize with our servers in the sync process.  We can look up the status of your device if you contact support with this issue and provide your device activation code and your username.

If you are not receiving push notifications, first verify that your phone settings are adjusted to receive notifications.

If there is more than one phone connected to SkyBell but only one phone is receiving notifications, make sure that each phone did not create its own account.  You SkyBell can only sync to one account.  Each phone will need to use the same credentials to log in as the original phone. Make sure each phone's settings allow notifications.

-- If your app is timing out, dropping the call, freezing, showing the pinwheel of death, or something else along these lines, here are a few things to verify:

1.)  Make sure you are getting the correct voltage (12-36vac or 12vdc).  This is especially necessary to verify if your LED goes between green and red.  If you are not, you may need a new transformer.

2.)  If your router is N or AC, please make sure that B/G mode is activated. If your router has the option to run at 40mhz bandwidth, please make sure it is running on 20mhz.

3.)  Make sure during the sync process that your phone and SkyBell are using the 2.4GHz band if your router is dual-band. Your phone needs to be set to this band as well. Please see this link for instructions, and you can search online for instructions concerning your specific router if you do not know how to do this.

4.)  The upload/download speed does need to consistently meet the required amount (good signal does not translate to good speed). Please conduct a speed test to confirm your upload speed is 1.5mbps or above. If your upload speed is 1.5 mbps or above and the light is still red, and then attempt to Re-Sync SkyBell to your app one more time..

5.)  Many users have found that closing all apps from their phone and powering off for a few moments (you can also clear cache and data just for overkill), has caused the app to work better when the phone is powered back on.

6.)  You may not have a compatible phone. iPhones are 100% compatible, but there are some Android devices that have seen trouble. Please see this link for approved devices.

If there is something else going on, or it seems your situation should be optimal for use and you are still having these problems, please contact support.

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