What does this red/green, flashing/solid light mean?

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LED Light Key for V2 SkyBell Classic

  1. Red (Solid) = Device has power but no Wi-Fi or has not yet been synced
  2. Red (Blinking Fast) = Device is in smart configuration mode = setup/sync mode. If stuck in this mode during or directly after a sync attempt, cut power and try to configure again.
  3. Red (Blinking Slow) = Device has direct power and battery is charging. Or may be insufficient power coming from the power source. Might need a new transformer. If your home was built before 1980, your transformer likely needs to be changed. Recommended transformer here.
  4. Green (Solid) = Device has power, Wi-Fi and server connection (normal). This does not mean that the device has sufficient Wi-Fi upload speed. If you are experiencing pinwheel or freezing audio or video when connecting to the app, please do a speed test.

5. Green (Blinking) = Device has power and Wi-Fi but cannot talk with our server.

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