What is the Digital Door Chime Switch in the App?

SkyBell's app update of September 3 included a new feature called "Digital Door Chime." You can see this switch by opening the Device Settings page, and will see the description stating that to use this feature you will need to purchase a separate digital doorbell adapter from our website.

This feature is in anticipation of those digital doorbell adapters which are to be released soon. It does not affect existing SkyBell customers, since SkyBell will only work with mechanical, analog door chimes at this time. Our customers have read about this and all those with functioning SkyBells will not need to worry about this switch.

When the adapter is released, new customers who have a digital door chime, and existing customers who would want to replace their current chime with a digital one, will be able to use SkyBell! We will release more information soon, and please continue to check our website to see when the digital chime adapter becomes available.

What constitutes a "digital" chime?

The main difference between a digital chime and an analog chime is that a digital chime produces an electronic sound from a speaker. This is usually programmable, and comes in the form of a unique sound.Analog chimes must physically force two plungers to strike against metal plates, causing the traditional "ding dong" sound. Most homes in the United States are equipped with this latter type of chime, hence SkyBell's compatibility.

Because of the large demand for digital chime compatibility, we are excited about this announcement which will allow more people throughout the world to use SkyBell without changing their current door chime!

Please also be aware that there are alternate buzzing or ringing bells in a smaller number of homes, where SkyBell will remain incompatible for now. If your door chime is an actual ringing bell or buzzing bell, you will likely need to get an analog chime to replace it, and very soon will be able to use a digital chime as well.


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