How do I do a speed test?

SkyBell Technologies recommends using the “SpeedSmart” app that can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store (it's free). We've found that this app provides the most accurate results. Once you have downloaded the SpeedSmart app, connect your mobile device to the home wireless network. Once you have successfully connected to the home wireless network, disconnect your mobile device from the cellular network. This will allow the app to rely solely on the Wi-Fi network for an accurate speed test. Once you have completed the speed test, please make sure to reconnect your mobile device to the mobile network.

Go to your SkyBell’s location, close your front door, and click “Begin Test” button.

Once you have successfully completed the speed test you will refer to two sections of the SpeedSmart mobile app.

  1. First look at the signal strength indicator located at the top of your screen. This is usually located next to the name of your carrier. If you see 2-3 bars, then signal strength is sufficient enough for SkyBell HD.
  2. Next, look at the results for Upload. Keep in mind, that for optimal performance, SkyBell HD requires an upload speed of at least 1.5 Mbps and if you have other devices in your home pulling bandwidth that will impact SkyBell performance.

Common symptoms of not enough bandwidth speed is having a ring come through to your phone but then seeing a pinwheel but no audio and/or no video.

A weak Wi-Fi signal will have a tremendous effect on the performance of SkyBell HD. A weak signal can result in the device losing connection to the internet, as well as video streaming issues.

Here are web based links to the speed test app for iOS and Android:


If you find that you have an insufficient Wi-Fi signal with the door closed, we recommend you move your router closer to your doorbell or you can get a range extender, such as this one.

A router that uses external antennas can be approximately 100 ft. away from the location of SkyBell HD if it is line of sight. Walls and other signal interference can require the router to be moved closer to the SkyBell or make an extender necessary.

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