What is the HD's camera’s field of view, resolution and frames per second?

SkyBell HD has an impressive 1080p resolution camera with 10 feet of full picture clarity.

It also has a full 180 degree viewing angle, allowing a viewing angle that is almost parallel to the device!  

The SkyBell HD also has a brilliant Full HD Color Night Vision.  This means that even in pitch black conditions, the video will remain in full color, and as bright as day!

The Frames Per Second, or FPS, of the SkyBell HD's video is 30 Frames.  This means that every second of video, there are 30 frames of video being transmitted in HD.  The better your Wi-Fi connection, the better the maximum FPS will be. Please click here to see image examples compared to a competing product.

SkyBell Version 2, or "SkyBell Classic"-

This SkyBell’s camera covers 120-130 degrees field of view.

The video resolution is 640×480, and is VGA quality, or Video Graphics Array.  This means that it has 640 pixels wide, and 480 pixels in height.

The frames per second (fps) will depend on your connection speeds. SkyBell is designed to automatically scale the fps to better prevent a dropped connections.  With a great internet connection and speed, the SkyBell Version 2 can reach up to 10 FPS.


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