Why doesn't my motion sensor seem to work?

If the motion sensor is not triggering your SkyBell, please first confirm that you have it turned "on" in your app settings. Sometimes after a firmware update, the default setting is "off."

Steps for Enabling the Motion Sensor in the app on your smartphone device:

- Open the SkyBell app on your smartphone
- Click on your SkyBell Device's Name ("Front Door", "My SkyBell", Etc.)
- The next screen you see will be "Device Settings"
- Scroll down to "Motion Sensor" setting, and toggle it to the ON position, which should be toggled to the right and shaded-in Blue.


Sensitivity setting is an option for the SkyBell HD. For a more sensitive response to motion, adjust the "sensitivity" setting to "High" which should cause the motion sensor to trigger with less than 7 seconds of movement.

Additionally, you will want to make sure that the SkyBell app has been allowed permission to access notifications on your smart phone or compatible tablet.

 Please click here for the difference between V2 and HD sensors and how the motion sensor works.

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