My SkyBell HD is not recording any videos, motion detection is not working

Symptoms: All of a sudden, your SkyBell is not recording videos and it appears that the motion detection is not working either. You may or may not be getting notifications. The LED is a solid green or not lit at all.

Try one or a combination of these troubleshooting tips: 

  1. Remove the device and check to ensure the metal contacts on the back of the SkyBell are not pushed in, this will also prevent the device from charging. You can gently pull the metal contacts out a little if you find them pushed in.
  2. Check the back of the SkyBell and see if there is any bulging or arching on the backside of the SkyBell device.
  3. Do a hard reset.
    1. Press your SkyBell button in and hold it for about a minute. During this time you will see the LED flash (rapid green>red and green>blue>yellow).
    2. Once you see the LED flash yellow, please release the SkyBell button.
    3. Delete your SkyBell device from within the SkyBell app.
    4. Now your SkyBell will be flashing red and green.
    5. Select 'Add a SkyBell' in your app and follow the on-screen instructions to re-sync your device.
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