SkyBell HD App says there is a problem with my Network


The SkyBell HD sometimes has a disadvantage for receiving a great WiFi signal because it is attached to an outside wall. Building construction (stucco, brick, thick walls, screen doors, metal doors) can interfere with a WiFi-signal in pretty dramatic ways. Even stepping 3 feet away from your front door and doing an internet speed test with your phone can provide dramatically different results, as you can catch a wifi signal through a window or even an open door while you are testing.

It’s easier than ever to check your connection quality! Your SkyBell network quality is displayed right in the Activity Feed, next to your SkyBell name. This status let’s you know you how well your SkyBell is connecting to your router.

How can I check what my network quality value is? 

Select your SkyBell to navigate to the Activity Feed. You will see an icon next to your SkyBell name.



Tap on your SkyBell name once to see some additional information.


Tap the ‘?’ to access the Connection Status page.


What does it mean?


green.png Good  Congrats, your SkyBell has a strong and speedy connection to your WiFi router!
yello.png Fair Your SkyBell is connected to your WiFi router, but may be having some trouble staying connected. See our tips below for improving your connection.
yello.png Poor

Your SkyBell is having a difficult time connecting to your network and you may be unable to answer button press notifications or connecting to live watch. See our tips below for improving your connection

red.png Offline Your SkyBell is not currently connected to the network. Make sure the SkyBell is powered. Once it is powered, checkout our LED Guide to learn more about the state of your SkyBell.
 gray.png Unknown We are unable to determine your SkyBell’s connection status. This usually means that your phone doesn’t have access to the internet. Check that your phone has a strong data connection and try again. 

What can I do to improve this signal?

Move the wireless router closer to the front door. This is, of course, sometimes very difficult because of the placement of the household router.

Install a wireless repeater/extender positioned closer to your SkyBell and provide the boosted signal it needs (this works about 99.9% of the time for most folks).


Additional Reading on wifi-signal strength



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