SkyBell HD Installation Instructions

    1. Remove the existing doorbell. Leave the wires exposed and seperate them from each other to prevent the wires from touching and activating the door chime.
    2. Use the mounting plate as a guide and determine where the screws will be placed. Mark the location (this step is unnecessary if the screw holes from the existing doorbell match).
    3. If installing into concrete, brick or stucco, use a power drill, with the included drill bit to make the holes for the screws. If installing into wood, use the included screw driver and screws to start the holes. If the drill holes are too large, use the included screw anchors to provide the perfect fit for the screws.
    4. Place the SkyBell HD or SkyBell Trim mounting plate onto the home, lining up the holes with the mounting plate and ensuring that the screws are facing forward.
    5. Pull the wires through the center of the plate being careful not to touch the two wires together.
    6. Install the mounting plate using the included screws and tighten until snug.
    7. Loosen the two screws slightly to allow for the ends of the wires to pass underneath.
    8. Insert one wire under each screw and tighten. Give each wire a slight tug to be sure each is secure.
    9. Tuck in any excess wiring.
    10. Locate the SkyBell HD or SkyBell Trim
    11. Locate the lip on the top of the mounting plate.
    12. Attach the top of the SkyBell HD or SkyBell Trim to the lip first, tipping it up slightly to ensure it is attached.
    13. Snap the bottom into place until it is flush with the mounting plate*.
    14. Hold the device in place until the LED illuminates. If the LED does not come on, remove the SkyBell and ensure the wires are properly attached to the mounting plate.
    15. Tighten the set screw on the bottom of the mounting plate. Turn the screw to the right until tight but do not over-tighten the set screw.

      *Note: The SkyBell HD or SkyBell Trim may not be flush with the surface, this is okay.

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