SkyBell HD Wedge Mounting Plate Installation

The SkyBell HD Wedge Mounting Plate - Part # HY220WM - is used to adjust the angle of the SkyBell HD to provide optimal viewing. The SkyBell HD has a 180° field of view, but may be further enhanced with the use of the wedge mounting plate to more finely adjust the view for certain installations. If it especially useful when the SkyBell is mounted at a recessed angle to the plane of the door.

The Wedge is designed to provide fine adjustments of the SkyBell HD viewing angle by freely rotating the wedge while the SkyBell is held in place, prior to anchoring the wedge to the mounting surface. The Wedge IS NOT required for standard installation.


  1. Install the back of the wedge against the wall surface.
  2. Attach the standard mounting plate on top of the wedge - the center raised ring of the wedge fits inside of the standard mounting plate to provide a flush fit and allows rotation without turning the standard mounting plate.
  3. Rotate the wedge to provide the desired position prior to anchoring the combined plates.
  4. Thread the power wires through the center of both plates
  5. Anchor the plates to the wall allowing access to the two power terminals on the standard mounting plate.




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